Kawamichi Shoten

Sewing handbags from recycled kimono fabrics while sporting kimonos Itinerary

Arrive at our Japanese traditional home built more than 80 years ago to choose your favorite Kimono.and Our staff will assist you to dress in your chosen Kimono.

Learn to sew a handbag from recycled Kimono or Yukata (casual Kimono) fabrics (either hand-sewing or by machine).

With your newly created handbag, you will go for a walk in the countryside and take pictures.

Return to our traditional home and change clothes.

Finish after having tea.


Please check our activity calendars


13:30~16:30 (Walks will take about 30 minutes.)


4 people


None (Children will wear our casual kimonos, Jinbei).


Usuki Travel Guide (designated as Keres), 513 Usuki Usukishi, Oita, Japan, 875-0041 




info@kawamichi-oita.comor by phone at: 090-7190-9652


●Items provided by us for tour
We will provide all following items for your tour: Kimono and accessories(Kimono、Obi-tie、undergarments、waist string、thin fabric belt、decorative string、obi-sash、band plate, Japanese-style undershirt, socks or Japanese Tabi socks, Japanese sandals) Sewing set(recycled Kimono cloth, needle, strings and etc.)
●Items customers must bring with them
Motivation to enjoy wearing Kimono
・Walks will take about 30 minutes
・If you are not used to wearing Japanese sandals, please bring your own comfortable shoes.
・Walking tour will be substituted by tea ceremonies in case of rains.
・Please make payment by cash or credit card at our location. Tour reservations may be booked through Airbnb. (Airbnb URL https://www.airbnb.jp/experiences/1368825


Q I don’t have Kimono. Can I join this activity?
A Yes, we will provide kimono and accessories
Q I would like to wear kimono with my children. Is it possible?
A Yes. You may join this activity with your children. If children size kimonos are not available, children may wear Jinbei, our casual kimonos. Children price is 1,500 yen
Q If we like our kimono, can we buy it?
A Yes, some kimonos may be purchased. Please contact us for more details
Q If I want to wear the kimono by myself, will you please show me how?
A If all participants choose to dress kimonos by themselves, we will show all participants how to properly wear kimonos
Q Hairdressing available?
A Hairdressing isn’t provided, however, hair ornaments are available if you choose to use them
Q May we rent Kimono and wear them at different locations? Will you assist me to dress?
A Yes, you may. Please contact for more detail

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