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Our website will be in full compliance with the personal information and privacy protection regulations and all related rules and regulations. Our website will establish and adhere to strict security management system for the handling of personal information. We will collect personal information only where permitted and the information collected is used only for the purposes of the managing of Kawam ichi Shote n, such as and including aftersales services. However, non personal, individual specific information may be used for statistical data collection and analysis, once all identifying data and individual spe cific information are excluded. Our website will strive to prevent all unauthorized and illegal access to our customers’ information , and to prevent any loss, or destruction, falsification and leaks of any personal information or data, as to safeguard the security and accuracy of all information. We will not provide any personal information or data to third parties, unless required and consented by customers or by regulations. For all customers’ requests for correction s and or change s of information and terminati on any service , we require strict verification of customer identity before any corrections or changes to information. We will promptly respond to all c u st omers requests and questions. When you provide your personal information to any external websites with links to our website, please rev iew and confirm their privacy polic ies and regulations beforehand as each website will have its’ own requirements and policies regarding customers information. This website is not responsible for any damages caused by personal information provided to exter nal linked websites.
※Personal or individual information means any identifying data such as name, email address, address, or any records specifying a specific individual. (It may also includes any indirect t information that may match other personal or ind ividual information.)